Red River Speedway is a 1/4 mile dirt oval track located 3 1/2 miles west of Wichita Falls on Highway 287.
Exit FM 369 and go North one mile. The track is on the right side of the road.

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2/18/14 UPDATES: 2014 RACING SCHEDULE now posted!

ON 1/11/14:

12/20/13 UPDATES: Everything is starting to come together
quickly for the 2014 racing season at Red River Speedway in
Wichita Falls, Texas!

We will be racing on Friday nights primarily, with the schedule
coming out in the weeks to come. Primary racing divisions will
be Winged Championship Sprint Cars, USRA Sanctioned
Modifieds, Limited Modifieds, Factory Stocks and Mini Stocks.

Two special events are set as well, including the USMTS on
Friday May 16th and the Oil Capitol Racing Series for winged
sprint cars on Friday, May 30th.

Division rules are now up for the 2014 season and can be
accessed under the 'drivers' link on the navigation bar above.
.           RRS has a Facebook page. To access it, click here.

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Speedway news, schedule updates, weather related info & much more!

And thanks again for the overwhelming support from area fans, racers
and sponsors for helping to bring dirt track racing to Wichita Falls!
7 Features in 5 Divisions at RRS Friday July 10!

Wichita Falls, TX (6/30/15) by DarinShort.com. This Friday July 10th Red
River Speedway (RRS) will host a full night of racing action with the Sprint
Cars, Modifeds, Limited Modifieds, Pro Stocks and Mini Stocks. The night
will kick off with feature races in the Modifieds and Limited Modifieds that
were rained out from Friday June 12. The feature races in those divisions
are set, and no 'new' cars will be added to their starting field. Only drivers
qualified for those make up features will be allowed to race.

After those feature events have been concluded, the five scheduled
divisions for July 10th will compete in heat races and feature events. This
includes any new cars in the Modifieds and Limited Modifieds that were not
present on June 12. There are no rain checks (pits and grandstands) from
the June 12 race since all of those feature races are being made up, and
with full paying purses.

PLUS, if you are a resident of Montague County Texas, with your valid I.D.
you will be able to get into the Grandstand area on July 10th FREE! Any
kids accompanying those adults will also be admitted to the grandstand
area free on July 10th. This promotion includes all cities in Montague
County, such as: Belcherville, Bowie, Dye Mound, Forestburg, Illinois Bend,
Montague, Nocona, Red River Station (I know, it's a ghost town, but still
listed as a town in the County), Ringgold, Saint Jo, Spanish Fort,
Stoneburg, Sunset, Valley View.

FREE on July 10th!

After this Friday, Red River Speedway will be taking a summer break. The
dirt track races on July 17 & 24 have been removed from the schedule, so
the next race up after July 10th will be on July 31st when the Oil Capital
Racing Series makes their debut at Red River Speedway! Joining the
OCRS Sprint Cars will be the Modifieds, Limited Modifieds, Pro Stocks and
Mini Stocks. RaceSaver Sprint Cars will be scheduled off that night.

And if you are a Pro Stock division team, there is an update for you to read
under the 'Pro Stock' section near the bottom of this press release.

Note that Wichita Raceway Park (our drag strip) will be in operation the two
weekends that RRS is off. Click http://www.wichitaracewaypark.com/ for
event details.

Here are the top-line specifics of the FRIDAY JULY 10th RRS racing event:

-Pit Gates open by 5pm, Grandstands open at 6pm, Draw Cutoff at 7:15pm,
with Racing by 8pm.

-Adult Grandstand (ages 12-64) tickets are $12. Seniors/Active Military (with
I.D.) $8. Ages 6-11 are $5. All pit passes, all ages $30.

-All posted rules at http://www.RRSpeedway.com will be in effect for all race
divisions. Mufflers or cone-type inserts are required for all cars in all

The purse structure for racing divisions is as follows:

Sprint Cars and Modifieds (both have exact same purse structures): In
2014, the total A-feature purse was $4,250. In 2015, the base purse is
$4,290 and will be distributed as follows: $700 - 500 - 400 - 350 - 300 (5th)
- 250 - 200 - 180 - 160 - 150 (10th) - 140 - 130 - 120 - 110 - 100...to start.

However, if there are 21 or more Sprint Cars or Modifieds (in their
respective divisions), then the total purse jumps from $4,290 to $5,180!

The '21 and up' purse for the Sprints and Modifieds is as follows: $700 -
500 - 400 - 350 - 300 (5th) - 250 - 225 - 200 - 190 - 180 (10th) - 170 - 160 -
150 - 140 - 135 (15th) - 130 - 125...to 24th! (Note 24 starters, not 20!)

For the IMCA Southern SportMods, the total purse has jumped from $2,210
(in 2014) to $2,370 (in 2015) and will be distributed as follows: $400 - 300 -
200 - 170 - 150 (5th) - 130 - 120 - 100 - 90 - 80 (10th) - 75 - 70 - 65 - 60...to

However, the same '21 cars and up' applies to the IMCA Southern
SportMods! If there are 21 cars or more on a normally scheduled night, the
total A-feature purse jumps from $2,370 to $3,115!

The '21 cars and up' IMCA Southern SportMod A-feature purse is as
follows: $500 - 300 - 250 - 200 - 175 (5th) - 150 - 130 - 120 - 110 - 100
(10th) - 90 - 85 - 80 - 75...to 24th! (Note 24 starters, not 20!)

The Pro Stocks/I-Stock (100% IMCA legal Stock Cars and Factory Stocks
are now legal to run in the Pro Stock division in 2015. Factory Stocks can
choose to run the Pro Stock tire rule if they choose) will each be competing
for the following purse structure - unless otherwise noted: $300 - 200 - 180
- 160 - 140 - 120 (5th) - 100 - 80 - 60 - 40...to start. Effective 7/10/15, on
regularly scheduled events with $30 pit passes, if there are under 10 Pro
Stocks that sign in on race night, their purse will be the same as the Mini
Stock purse (as follows).

The Mini Stocks will be competing for the following purse structure - unless
otherwise noted: $300 - 150 - 125 - 100 - 80 - 60 - 40...to start.

Come out and join us Friday night, July 10th at Red River Speedway, Let's
Kick a Little Dirt!
RRS and Wichita Raceway Park also has a new host hotel:
LaQuinta. Mention RRS or WRP for a $59 room rate! Located
off Maurine Street in Wichita Falls. 1128 Central Fwy North,

Wichita Falls, TX 76306-2626 Phone: 1-940-322-6971.
Mention RRS: $29.95 Oil Change! (up to 5 qts)
Mention RRS: $42.50 General Pest Service
or $150 off Termite jobs
Red River Speedway lineups and results from throughout the
season are now posted at the following link:


Season points will be posted when available.
of MONTAGUE CO TEXAS (with state issued I.D.). Kids present
with those adults will be admitted free as well. PLUS FREE
Grandstand Admission for ACTIVE MILITARY (with I.D.) on